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CPD23 Newbie

I signed up this week for CPD23, which translates to “23 things for continuing professional development” for the uninitiated. It took me a while to find out what it meant, which made me feel not a little foolish. It started three weeks ago: Thing One was to create a blog for this whole process, which, luckily, I already have. Thing Two was to investigate other blogs by people also engaging in CPD23. I’m still working on that one, as time management is still something that I struggle with. I’ve read (and been inspired) by one or two blogs, and I’m working on reading more of them today. Thing Three was to Google yourself and see what kind of electronic footprint you’ve created, and how you want your personal brand to reflect on you. I discovered that there is a Heather A. Steinmiller, Attorney at Law, who lives in Philadelphia and who has some major accomplishments to her name. I did find myself over three or four Google pages; my Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as LinkedIn and some of the other groups to which I belong. There are photos that I’ve shared, and you can find my home address, phone number and maiden name. Kind of scary, that last. All in all, though, my footprint pales in comparison to Heather A. A good thing? A bad thing? Just a thing? I want to be “profersonal” by keeping some things private and sharing others in a way that portrays me in a positive light.  Anyway, something to keep in mind as I continue this journey with some very fascinating and desireable companions.

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